Gravitas (Bronze)

The original intentions for this project was to explore the idea of male beauty, what we perceive as the perfect body and how that has evolved over time from the original vision of the male physique. The concept of the perfect male physique originated in ancient Greece, where athletics and heroism were major themes of their culture. This created an image of a toned, athletic and muscular man that many still aspire to today: a body made for action.

This concept has naturally lead me into the world of bodybuilding, I am interested how it has evolved over time from a male image considered very beautiful, to the extremely muscular bodybuilder today. My aim has been to delve deep into reasons why this supposed pinnacle of male physique has changed and what drives people to obtain the perfect image. There is no better way to explore this theme with than sculpture, working in the same way that ancient Greeks sculpted and cast their own bronze statues depicting the male form.

I began by sculpting the male figure as exact as I can. Next came the transformation. In my sculptures I have chiselled away the unnecessary, just as bodybuilders do with their own bodies. However I have taken this process further so that it results in something looking almost alien. What had started off as an already perfect physique, has been developed further, contorting the original form. My inspiration behind this is how many fitness enthusiasts strive to chisel away at their own bodies by working out. Even if they have what may be perceived as a perfect physique, they want to continue and improve.  In a way the process of improving your body almost becomes an obsession.

My vision for this sculpture was to have it cast in bronze, the original Ancient Greek sculptures depicted the ideal male physique were all cast in bronze, this along with the posing reflects nicely to the roots of this image.


  • Bronze
  • 60cm x 50cm x 40cm
  • Limited to 3 castings
  • Available to order