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December 2017

Stamford Arts Centre 1024 683 Tom Beardwell

Stamford Arts Centre


Stamford Arts CentreĀ 

Broad Street Exhibition December 2017


Here I exhibited my series animal sculptures in the gallery space of Stamford Arts Centre. These sculptures were my first attempts of using bronze resin and I have since become addicted to the process and what results I can make with the material. Due to the complex shape of the boxing hares I had the mould made professionally and cast the bronze resin sculpture myself, although I did not make the mould I was on hand to watch and learn the process which was an extremely helpful experience that I have been able to build on. Casting this piece in bronze resin has also been another learning experience with both working resin and patinating bronze, only finishing the piece minutes before the exhibition!

The smaller reptiles and amphibians were part of a series created for a conservation group called Froglife. The original life size sculptures were painted to look like the animals and are currently being used in presentations to educate nature enthusiasts and young people about their local wildlife. I then developed those sculptures into the bronze resin pieces that are part of this exhibition.

Boxing Hares mould made by Rich’s Sculpture Casting