Art of lincolnshire 2021 1024 1024 Tom Beardwell

Art of lincolnshire 2021

Exhibition of Lincolnshire artists held at Doddington Hall

APMM Awards 2020 1024 1008 Tom Beardwell

APMM Awards 2020

2nd place at the international Association of Professional Model Makers 2020.
171 entries from 4 countries.

High Roding Art Exhibition 720 848 Tom Beardwell

High Roding Art Exhibition

Annual Charity exhibition hosted by Sarah Stevenson and Sarah Love at High Trees Barn(Chelmsford).

Trinity Art Gallery Spring 2019 1024 1024 Tom Beardwell

Trinity Art Gallery Spring 2019

Until March 31st I am exhibiting my work at the Trinity art Gallery on London City Island as part of the Signature Art Prize, run by DegreeArt. This gallery is in a very up and coming area of London, providing a dynamic and exciting space to exhibit my work.

Signature Art Prize 2018 1024 683 Tom Beardwell

Signature Art Prize 2018

Signature Art Prize 2018 Shortlist


Founded in 2007, The Signature Art Prize is the only award of its kind that aims to promote the work of artists in the emerging stages of their careers. Drawing attention to the unique perspective of students and recent graduates, the prize champions their signature themes and aims to bring their work into the spotlight.

This year I will have the privilege of exhibiting in London as part of the Signature Art Prize exhibition with my plaster sculpture of Gravitas. Over 500 artists submitted their work to this competition, where I emerged as a finalist in the top 5 sculptors. All artists that were selected to exhibit were graduates, I am very proud to say I could stand alongside them in my first year at university.

Stamford Art Show 1024 683 Tom Beardwell

Stamford Art Show

Stamford College End of Year Art Show June 2018

This exhibition celebrated the end of my Foundation Diploma art course. Including my latest sculpture pieces, the beginnings of my “Pursuit of Perfection” series. this time exploring the human form as my subject matter.

The original intentions for this project was to explore the idea of male beauty, what we perceive as the perfect body and how that has evolved over time from the original vision of the male physique. The concept of the perfect male physique originated in ancient Greece, where athletics and heroism were major themes of their culture. This created an image of a toned, athletic and muscular man that many still aspire to today: a body made for action.

This concept has naturally lead me into the world of bodybuilding, I am interested how it has evolved over time from a male image considered very beautiful, to the extremely muscular bodybuilder today. My aim has been to delve deep into reasons why this supposed pinnacle of male physique has changed and what drives people to obtain the perfect image. There is no better way to explore this theme with than sculpture, working in the same way that ancient Greeks sculpted and cast their own bronze statues depicting the male form.

The three large torsos titled “Gravitas”, modelled from bodybuilder Steve Diggle have been made in bronze resin, plaster and ceramic. For more information on these pieces visit my portfolio.

Stamford Arts Centre 1024 683 Tom Beardwell

Stamford Arts Centre


Stamford Arts Centre 

Broad Street Exhibition December 2017


Here I exhibited my series animal sculptures in the gallery space of Stamford Arts Centre. These sculptures were my first attempts of using bronze resin and I have since become addicted to the process and what results I can make with the material. Due to the complex shape of the boxing hares I had the mould made professionally and cast the bronze resin sculpture myself, although I did not make the mould I was on hand to watch and learn the process which was an extremely helpful experience that I have been able to build on. Casting this piece in bronze resin has also been another learning experience with both working resin and patinating bronze, only finishing the piece minutes before the exhibition!

The smaller reptiles and amphibians were part of a series created for a conservation group called Froglife. The original life size sculptures were painted to look like the animals and are currently being used in presentations to educate nature enthusiasts and young people about their local wildlife. I then developed those sculptures into the bronze resin pieces that are part of this exhibition.

Boxing Hares mould made by Rich’s Sculpture Casting

National Students Art Exhibition 960 716 Tom Beardwell

National Students Art Exhibition

National Student Art Exhibition July 2017

Held at the Mall Galleries in London, this is an annual art exhibition that celebrates the top young artists of the country. I have had the privilege of being part of this exhibition twice, each time it has been a pleasure to be surrounded by so much talent and to hear great feedback.

My sculpture I exhibited was called “The Unconventional Truth” and as the name suggests, it was my unconventional presentation of how we are damaging our environment. Underneath the wolf’s fur a human skeleton is revealed, this outlines how the fates of humans and animals are intertwined. We may think we are above them but we are destroying this world and if we continue to do this we will suffer the same fate.

The piece was sculpted in polymer clay and has since developed into my piece titled “Chimera” that can be found in my portfolio.