National Students Art Exhibition

National Students Art Exhibition

National Students Art Exhibition 960 716 Tom Beardwell

National Student Art Exhibition July 2017

Held at the Mall Galleries in London, this is an annual art exhibition that celebrates the top young artists of the country. I have had the privilege of being part of this exhibition twice, each time it has been a pleasure to be surrounded by so much talent and to hear great feedback.

My sculpture I exhibited was called “The Unconventional Truth” and as the name suggests, it was my unconventional presentation of how we are damaging our environment. Underneath the wolf’s fur a human skeleton is revealed, this outlines how the fates of humans and animals are intertwined. We may think we are above them but we are destroying this world and if we continue to do this we will suffer the same fate.

The piece was sculpted in polymer clay and has since developed into my piece titled “Chimera” that can be found in my portfolio.


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